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"This place just opened a couple of weeks ago. They have a small menu but are planning to expand over time. They currently have a variety of summer rolls and pho (noodle soup bowls). The summer rolls are fresh with more ingredients than I've ever seen at a restaurant! Options are pork, shrimp, combo, beef, and vegetarian/tofu. Huge rolls for under $4!! These could be a meal in itself! For their pho, they have lots of types (well-done, rare, meatballs, tripe, etc) of beef-based, as well as chicken, vegetarian, and pork options..."
Rosie H. - Bloomington, IL

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Welcome to Pho Noodle House!


206 W. Camp St E. Peoria Illinois 61611

Located conveniently in a beautiful corner of E. Peoria, IL 61611, Pho Noodle House has been proud of serving our valued customer a range of Vietnamese cuisine for a long period of time.

We always try our best to bring the extraordinary meals that Vietnamese diners and others in the know enjoy every day. Included are dozens of unique food recipes – many surviving through oral history alone as well as a wealth of authentic dishes. Abundant fresh herbs and greens, delicate soups and stir-fries, and well-seasoned grilled foods served on, or with, rice or noodles are the mainstays of the Vietnamese delicacies – enjoying Pho -one of the Vietnamese’s most loved dishes. Even the beloved sweets for snacks or desserts are often based on fresh fruits served with sweetened rice. Rarely does any dish have added fats.

We believe food unites people together and we hope that when you try it, you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.